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Shenzhen SYS Technology Co., Ltd
Company Overview

Shenzhen SYS Technology Co., Ltd (part of Avic Group), Established in 2011, is a leading manufacturer of True Wireless Stereo Earbuds(TWS)and other electronic accessories. We are a consumer electronics manufacturer specializing in video and audio products. We started the company with two purposes, which is to create quality products at fair prices as well as make our manufacturing experience better by constantly improving our sales services.

Having been focusing on wireless Communication for more than 5years, We care deeply about the quality of each product we produce. Our team with over 200 designers, craftsmen, and top engineers can guarantee the finest materials are used for making our products through a precise production process control to eventually ensure you get the exceptional performance of our products.

We also equally value your needs. Our team is from around the globe (from Hong Kong to America to the UK), so we know the importance of listening, addressing, and communicating with you throughout the entire manufacturing process. All our customer service members are all fluent in English and Mandarin-Chinese, as they have all studied in the US or UK. When you put your product ideas with us, we can assure you that they're secured and being accurately developed into your ideal products. Your privacy has been and will always be our first priority.

Since 2011, we started as a car camera recorder manufacturer. Our OBM brand, ESKE, is a leading seller in the Chinese and European markets. After setting up our headphone and speaker factory in Shenzhen, China, we are able to ensure the quality and service throughout the entire process by choosing the finest raw materials to make our products and ship them to you with door to door service or whatever forms of delivery that clients requested.

Our leadership team brings together expertise across product design, engineering, sales, and marketing from companies including Bosch, Microsoft, Barclays, Baidu, and Amazon.
Up untill now, SYS have helped over 500 clients with private label and OEM/ODM services for Amazon FBA, Shopify, and retail stores.