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Bluetooth 5.0 headphone. Does That Mean Better Wireless Headphones?

Dec. 06, 2018

The common opinion held by most music fans is that wireless Bluetooth headphones are pretty damn cool. I mean who needs to be getting all tangled up in a rat's nest of wires and cables when you're listening on the fly? And with the new jack-less smartphones all the rage, a Bluetooth headphone is really the way to go.

That is unless you're a hardcore audiophile. In which case, Bluetooth is to be shunned like Keith Richards at a nunnery.

We have reviewed a lot of Bluetooth headphones over the years, a few good, most not so good. But don't worry. Since 2011, SYS has been diligently focusing on manufacturing and developing a set of Bluetooth headphones that are with great productivity at a lower rate, we're confident to recommend our wireless headphones to the wire-free listener.

Bluetooth 5.0 headphone. Does That Mean Better Wireless Headphones