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Why true wireless stereo (tws) earbuds headphones?

Oct. 01, 2018

Have you ever grabbed your earphones on your commute to work and found that it’s all tangled up? It’s always perfectly untangled when you place them in your bag but magically tie knots by the next morning.

If you look at Amazon, Wish or other major retailer, you will find the traditional bluetooth headset headphone is less popular than before, the 3.5mm headphone jack,single-ear headphones headsets even have been done away ,they have mostly evolved into stereo bluetooth earphones.

More and more earphone manufactuer has realized the potential huge market needs of stereo bluetooth headsets. Since 2016, there are many different styles of stereo bluetooth earphones has been launched into the markets.

Some unique styles of stereo bluetooth earphone earbuds has stands out from top sound quality, style, battery life and other features.

Why true wireless stereo (tws) earbuds headphones

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